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Can’t remember the word for windowsill? Inferno raging inside  you? Screaming into a sweat soaked pillow at 3am?
But the Menopause? Can’t be…can it!?

I'll be chatting to women like you who are going through it to find out what works for them in the real world, to Dr Katie Barber our Menopause Specialist to answer all our questions and to experts in all areas surrounding the Menopause. I'll also be chatting to my "Orcas", inspirational women in the public eye who buck the traditional image of what it is to be a woman at this stage of life.

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Latest Episode

Meet Dr Katie - Ep 5

In my first, of many, chats with Dr Katie we talk about juggling her life as a GP and Specialist with 2 kids and a dog and she explains how even with all her years of specialist Menopause knowledge she missed the symptoms in herself. So we can all cut ourselves a bit of slack!

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Coming Soon

Orca #1 - Jen Brister

Stand up comedian, writer, actor.

She'll be talking to me about her 4 year struggle to get Dr's to take her symptoms seriously, having hot flushes whilst doing her act live on stage and whether her angry persona was partly born out of being Menopausal when her career was taking off!

Out on Wed 29th March 

Have you seen?

Prescription Certificates

As of 1st April 2023 you can apply for a Prepayment Certificate that allows you to pay a one off £18.70  for 12 months worth of HRT. It will save you hundreds of pounds in repeat prescriptions. It can be used for patches, tablets and topical preparations. There will be no limit to how many times the certificate can be used while it is valid. You can buy online or from a registered pharmacy.

Click here to see which HRT options are covered. 

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Am I or Aren't I?

We all beat ourselves up that we should know what's happening to our bodies, we're intelligent, educated women.

But this just diminishes us at a time when our self esteem is already taking a battering. So click on the symptom checker below. Then you can start to join the dots. What's just life and what's actually your hormones? Because the sooner we realise what's going on the better and then we can address it and get our lives back on track.

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