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Can’t remember the word for windowsill? Inferno raging inside  you? Screaming into a sweat soaked pillow at 3am?
But the Menopause? Can’t be…can it!?

I'll be chatting to women like you who are going through it to find out what works for them in the real world, to Dr Katie Barber our Menopause Specialist to answer all our questions and to experts in all areas surrounding the Menopause. I'll also be chatting to my "Orcas", inspirational women in the public eye who buck the traditional image of what it is to be a woman at this stage of life.


Latest Ep

Ep 21 - Diane Danzebrink and Andrea Swan 

In this episode I get all political and fired up with Diane Danzebrink founder of the Make Menopause Matter campaign and Menopause Support, a not for profit organisation, full of help and resources. We’re joined by Andrea Swan, her office manager, to talk about how they’ve gone from chats round Andrea’s kitchen table to lobbying Parliament for a Public Health Campaign on Menopause and educating future generations in our schools and vitally, our medics. 


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Hot Flash

The fact that Female Killer Whales go through the Menopause and become the leaders of their Pods has been hitting the press hard recently. 

Something here at BMO we know only too well. Our worth as post Menopausal women is huge. We need to embrace it and then society will follow!

Let's Be More Orca

Nopepad, fountain pen and coffee in cup and saucer

Find out more about this stage of life.

Grab a coffee and have a look at some interesting stuff about the Menopause. From fascinating Ted Talks by inspirational women to articles on how we should approach life now. We'll cover all bases so you don't have to.

Woman with question marks above her head

Am I or Aren't I?

We all beat ourselves up that we should know what's happening to our bodies, we're intelligent, educated women.

But this just diminishes us at a time when our self esteem is already taking a battering. So click on the symptom checker below. Then you can start to join the dots. What's just life and what's actually your hormones? Because the sooner we realise what's going on the better and then we can address it and get our lives back on track.

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